Welcome to Geochurche, the GPS pilgrimage

People sometimes describe their faith, their life even, as a journey. Journeys can take different forms but one part remains the same, moving from a starting point towards something or someone. Some are predictable and familiar, while some are full of surprises….

Geochurche invites you on a journey, an adventure of hidden treasures. We have hidden, somewhere out there, things that we have found on our journey of faith: questions, sign posts, thoughts and reflections. Come and join us as we explore, you never know what you might find.

How does it work?

Using mobile GPS technology that can be found on smartphones or sat navs (or using maps if you are really clever), participants follow clues and reference points to find a number of “caches” hidden outside in their own time. Finally, a reference point and time is given for a “meet” where we all, well, meet and share stories of our journey and reflect on our spiritual journey too. A time for questions, a time for maybe a tune around the camp fire, break some bread together.

All the information will be here on the site to join in, initially in Derbyshire but in time, as more groups form, further and farther afield. In order to access the cache locations you will need to sign up as a Participant, costing only £2 a year (yes, a year!). The link to our membership options can be found below.

Please explore the site to learn more. If you are a Participant Member, the meets can be found here.  The site will grow over time with information including how to set up your own Geochurche.

Membership options can be found here.